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Emergence Of SNS As Marketing Communication Tool


  • Neeraj Kumar Sharma Neeraj Kumar Sharma Singhania University


social marketing, Effective marketing communication tool, SNS


There is no doubt that promotion is experiencing a standard transformation, to the internet and online networking and informal organizations. The proof is all around, for instance, numerous customers no more search things in the Yellow pages; they hunt down them on the Internet. Utilizing Social Networking Sites, as showcasing instrument, is more than simply advertising. This Paper analyses the opinion of potential consumer i.e., the internet users, on their attitude towards Social Networking Sites (SNSs) to be used as a Marketing Communication tool. As the SNSs are the upcoming platforms that people have started using, to build networks. How can the marketers take the use of these Internet based platforms, as a tool for 'Customer engagement, Word of the mouth promotion, etc'. The study is based on survey conducted where the opinions of the "Internet users" have been collected, with a sample size of approx 400, using 'Questionnaire' as a research tool. The findings are expected to give the conclusion for the marketers, to look the SNSs as an emerging platform for marketing communication. The recommendations have been given on the basis of Findings.