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Post-Pandemic Human Resource Management: Challenges and Opportunities


  • Neeraj Kumar Sharma Neeraj Kumar Sharma Singhania University


Corporate Governance, Green marketing, Management, COVID-19 Pandemic Post-pandemic Period, Challenges and Opportunities,Human Resource Management


Following the outbreak of COVID-19, digitization was elevated to a new degree ofimportance. Since the onset of the pandemic, human resource managers have faced avariety of difficulties and obstacles. Following a pandemic, human resource managementmay be confronted with new issues, as well as new patterns in the workplace as a resultof the outbreak. These difficulties are discussed in further detail in the second portion ofthe study. The writers of this article look at the perspectives of business executives andexperts from across the globe on the future of work in this article. They stress thesignificance of developing organizational culture, increasing people's competency, andfostering more sensitive individual integrity in order to effectively and efficiently handlepost-pandemic transition after an outbreak. Thus, a systemic and procedural approachwill need a new strategy to leadership, staff involvement, and the formation of thecustomer-centric attitude in the aftermath of a pandemic. People's physical and mentalrecovery in the post-pandemic era is all about trust, respect, solidarity and the mostimportant human values, according to the authors.
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