Paper / Version 1

Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility in India


  • Neeraj Kumar Sharma Singhania University


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CSR, CSR Spending


Over the years Corporate Social Responsibility, an idea new to India, is quickly picking up pace. CSR has become a basic business practice and has gained much attention from the management of large international companies. It helps the matching up in a straight line of business operations with social values. CSR is considered as a point of coming together of different attempts to begin something new aimed at securing of related to how much money and power people should have for the development of the community. Admitting, recognizing, responding to the fact that placing with the regular majority of people CSR into businesses could be useful in delivering the value related to social pressure, how people act toward each other, etc., especially in a developing country like India, this paper specifically aims at providing an understanding of idea of CSR and analyses the development of CSR in India. It highlights the policies controlling, ruling CSR in India and discusses the cases of CSR attempts to begin something new in Indian firms including SMEs role in CSR. There are more than two, but not a lot of challenges facing CSR in India and the paper provide suggestions to overcome them and speed up the CSR attempts to begin something new in India.