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How to Write an Article/Research Paper of Social Science for Publication in an Indexed Journal


  • Neeraj Kumar Sharma Neeraj Kumar Sharma Singhania University


How to write a research article, Research pape, Scientific research pape


Social Science researchers must publish their findings as part of their professional development. The ability to publish effectively and productively is critical for the advancement of one's career, particularly in the social science field. When a novice researcher receives a letter of rejection or a request for major modifications, the work of drafting an article might seem overwhelming. Clearing up the data, selecting the right journal, matching your message to the data, writing in the journal's format and revising according to reviewer/editor suggestions are some of the stages that this article focuses on to help researchers who are new to publishing journal articles. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when trying to publish scientific research in a Social Science Field".